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Missing: Julia Vicente

 Hey everyone, sorry for my absence. It’s been a crazy past month! 

I recently went through the spreadsheet of missing women and girls in New Mexico. I started keeping this list years and years ago, but thankfully many of the women have been found and I removed them from the list. However, many more women and girls have gone missing and are still missing (as far as I can tell) at the time of this posting. The whole spreadsheet can be found here. More write ups on the missing women will follow soon. 

Julia is a loving and devoted mother of 6 adult children and a grandmother to ten and a wife to a husband of many years, Otto Sr. Julia enjoys taking walks around her town of Shiprock to help with her arthritis.

59-year-old Julia Vicente was last seen in Shiprock, New Mexico (although the NM DPS website lists her as having disappeared from Aztec, New Mexico). Her husband, Otto Vicente Sr, dropped her off at a friend’s house about a mile away from their house, as Otto was also on his way to perform a ministry session at a nursing home. It is unclear if the friend confirmed Julia got to her house, and they visited awhile. Julia never made it back home. This day, June 3rd, 2018, was the last time anyone reported seeing Julia. When I spoke to Julia’s daughter Michelle, she told me that Julia had left her friend’s house sometime before it got dark, possibly between 6 and 8 pm.

Julia was known to walk frequently, as walking helped her with her arthritis. She was last seen in a dark blue t-shirt with light blue sleeves, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and she may have been carrying a lightweight green jacket.

Julia’s son Otto, has asked people to call Crime Stoppers with any information. Her daughter, Michelle Frank, participated in the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls walk sponsored by the Navajo Nation Strengthening Families Program. Michelle addressed the crowd after the walk and said, “It still hurts that she’s still missing, everyday you’re wondering. I’m hoping one day we’ll get answers.”

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Julia Vicente is asked to call San Juan County Crime Stoppers at 505-334-8477. Please call- Julia deserves to be home with her family, who misses her so much.

We know that cases involving indigenous women get far less attention than they should. There are very few articles on Julia’s disappearance and it hasn’t been featured in the media recently. NAMUS currently lists 51 Native men and women from New Mexico as missing.

Please pass this information on and make sure people are looking out for Julia, and are coming forward with information about her disappearance if possible.

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