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About Las Desaparecidas

Thank you for visiting Las Desaparecidas. I started writing about true crime in 2019, and I wanted to do something helpful with my writing. I decided to write about cases in New Mexico; there were so many I hadn’t heard of before.

Thank you to the families of the missing and murdered, several who have let me talk with them about the disappearance or murder, and shared details, pictures, and a piece of their loved one with me. Thank you to the friends of the missing, who have continued to hold their friends in remembrance and shared their stories with me. 

Thank you to the folks who respond to IPRA and OMI requests. I’ve met several people this way that are truly so helpful and are doing a great job in a system that is broken. Thank you in particular to Mindy Cunningham and Natalie Grine of Cibola County, and Angie Womack of Valencia County. Thank you to the officers who’ve given their time and patience to talk to me and answer all my questions, and those that protect and serve all citizens. There are many of you out there who are doing an outstanding job. Thank you to Sergeant Patrick Montoya, who answered my email about Debbie Lansdell’s case, which helped me finally get the file on her case after months of fruitless searching. Thank you to Undersheriff Steve Miera, for looking into a case from 2005, which had a happier ending than expected. 

Thank you to my family and friends for listening to my non-stop babbling about the things I’m writing about (even though it interests exactly 0 of you), for answering my questions about New Mexico history, for reviewing my writing and research, for giving me critical feedback. Thank you especially to my sister, who helped me design this website, and did a lot of designing herself. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and kiddos, who have supported me with lots of love. 

Thank you to the readers, for reading these stories and for keeping the memories of the missing and murdered alive.

Las Desaparecidas is dedicated to the missing and murdered in New Mexico, particularly those that haven’t gotten their stories heard and have thus faded into the background. May you receive the justice you deserve.